Monday, May 3, 2010

Trauma, trauma, trauma!

I was getting ready to head out for several errands this afternoon, but I was first playing around on the computer, and watching Hermione. She was staring intently at the refrigerator, which really isn't all that unusual, she tends to stare at random things from time to time. However, I soon realized that she wasn't just staring at nothing when she lunged and then trotted into the living room with a mouse in her mouth!

I had no idea what to do, so I called Geoff. Being the girl that I am, I immediately started yelling into the phone: "Geoff!! Geoff!! It's a mouse! In the house!! How did it get here?? What do I do??" and so on and so forth, until he got me to calm down.
I ended up covering it with a pan, running down to the office and having one of the men there take care of it for me (he didn't kill it, just took it away and said he was going to drop it off far away from this part of the complex)
I'm not normally a girly-girl who screams at mice, honestly, but it completely shocked me! Plus, I really don't want to hear that we have mice in the apartment, that's just not good. What most likely happened is that it squeezed in, somehow, most likely last night because it got really cold. We haven't found any droppings so there is no reason to think it had been here for a while, or has friends.
Luckily, I think Hermione traumatized it enough that it won't be back here!

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