Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Home, sweet home!

Our last guest left on Sunday, so it's (finally) been just Geoff and I in the new house! While I loved having my dad and Geoff's best friend here, I'm also loving getting used to the house on my own.

We are, for the most part, unpacked. Some rooms look better than others. Our bedroom is one that is unpacked and lived-in already! With the exception of a box of stuff and those bags of clothes in the corner (which are going to be donated), this room is ready!
For those of you (if there were any) who questioned our brown and teal room, rest assured, there was a reason for those colors!

We found these at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and used my babysitting money to buy them. I wanted something new and different for the bedroom, but Geoff wasn't so sure. When we both found and agreed on these I knew there was hope for color!

Our guest room was the first one I was able to put together! As soon as the bed was in there I made it, put a lamp on the bed side table (that one won't stay, but I needed something!) and put Geoff's childhood dresser in there as well.

I absolutely love my guest room. I love the way everything matches, and how good it looks. It has even already had a guest; my dad slept there while he was here. He didn't seem to mind the color scheme.

Geoff has adapted to his orange office very well. It feels a little small with the desk and a futon in there, but I do like the layout and, of course, the orange! Life's too short for beige.

Lest you think all our rooms are in good shape, let me set you straight!

The front room (or living room) still has boxes in it that I haven't had the patience to go through, yet. It doesn't even have pictures hung up, but we will get there. Our kitchen also has a couple boxes, but I am working on finding extra storage for our plastic reusable containers, which I am determined to keep organized this time!

For a week into living here, I think we're in good shape, what do you think?

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