Monday, April 9, 2012

Would YOU quit your job?

The other day The Non Consumer Advocate posted asking what you would do if you won the mega million lottery. It was interesting and amusing to look at all the comments. It was also touching, because a lot of them were centered around helping people.
There was also a common theme: many people would quit their job.

A year ago I would have been all over that. I was in a stifling office job, miserable, doing nothing I went to school for and hating every minute of it. Now? I love my job. Mega millions or not, I can't imagine not going into work every day and seeing those little faces smiling back at me. Sure, there are the days when I wonder what I'm doing, or wish that the kids would just stop touching me every second, but overall, I love my job.
I'd also love not to stress about how many hours I work in my part time position, and how big my paycheck would be.
Maybe things would change if I had kids, and something to occupy my time but right now? My kids are in my classroom, and I love spending time with them.

If you suddenly came into so much money you could quit your job, would you? Why, or why not?

{There's no disrespect towards anyone who would choose to quit! I'm just curious as to why.}

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