Friday, March 12, 2010

Food Waste Friday

It was not a good week for food waste for us, I'm ashamed to admit. However, I did learn some valuable lessons this week, and hope to prevent further waste next week!

I'm very distressed to report that I had to throw out cheese this week. I LOVE cheese, and the fact that this one got moldy is an indication of just how long it's been around, because cheese takes forever to mold. Unfortunately, this cheese is pepperjack, and I don't like that type of cheese. I tried to use it on Geoff, but apparently forgot about it, so it went bad. Have no fear, there will most likely be no more cheese here anymore because typically I use it all up very quickly!

I'm even more distressed, no, embarrassed, to show you this next photo.

I'm embarrassed because that is a lot of salad that we didn't eat. The problem is, lettuce goes bad too quickly and for some reason I bought the family size of lettuce. I had good intentions when I did buy it, but apparently they didn't make it very far. The bottom container has leftover salad that never made it with Geoff to work, or to be eaten by me.
The top container has vegetables and broth in it, and it's from before we were married 2 months ago. In cleaning out the freezer I found it, defrosted it and sent it with Geoff for lunch one day, but he came back saying that it just wasn't that great. Apparently the freezing, defrosting and reheating of the vegetables really left something to be desired. Since I learned recently from The Frugal Girl that if you don't enjoy something there's no sense in forcing yourself to keep eating it, it went into the compost. Along with that lettuce, but not the cheese, of course.

I'm really hoping that next week is better for us!
Go to The Frugal Girl's site to see more food waste that is hopefully less than ours!

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