Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ten years and cross stitch

Deborah, from Mom's Sanity is Making a Comeback posted this and I thought it would be interesting to think about. Where will YOU be in 10 years?

1. I will be 37, oh wow.
2. Geoff will be 34.
3. We will hopefully own a house (at least be making payments on it!)
4. We will probably have a couple kids.
5. We may or may not be still in this city, but I like to think we'll still be in Washington. I like it up here.
6. We will have been married 10 years!
7. I will hopefully be working as a YA librarian somewhere.
8. Hermione should still be around, at about 11, and we'll probably have a dog at that point.
9. My sister will most likely be married and I might have a niece/nephew! Now that's a scary thought.
10. I hope to have my weight under control, even after a few kids.
11. Geoff will hopefully have his masters in something that makes him happy!

Now it's your turn! Where will you be in 10 years? Feel free to comment or post on your own blog but let me know because I'm curious!

One of the things I use to keep myself from going crazy all day is cross stitch. I go in phases with when I want to work on it, but since I was in school I didn't have time to do it. So I've been going a little crazy since I got out!
I'm working on this for Geoff. It's a symbol from World of Warcraft, the online game he likes to play. I've been working on it since, oh, 2008, off and on, but I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere! Here is a progress picture, along with a picture of what it will look like when done, because I'm sure you, like me, have no idea what it is!

The bottom left corner is what I've been working on most recently. (Hermione wanted to get in the picture too!)

Here is what it will be someday...when it grows up! Without a job and at the rate I'm going, it might be finished this year! Of course I hope that I will get a job, but it would be nice to finish this, finally.

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