Thursday, July 8, 2010

Exciting things

There have been a couple really exciting things going on these days in my life. Some of which I feel comfortable sharing right now, others may have to wait. Patience! It will come :)

The first exciting thing is that I am now selling Mary Kay! Yes, this is a shameless plug for her products. However, they are AMAZING, I can't even tell you. There is just so much that you can do to your face and not even realize it, and so much aging that starts at such a young age (16!) I feel like I've spent the past 10 years ignoring my skin and it's time to pamper it. So, I decided to sell Mary Kay because a. it's cheaper for me, b. I believe in the stuff, c. I want to meet new people and d. I want to pay off some debts. I know I can do all those things I want to do...and more!

Enough of that. Speaking of paying off debts, my husband and I decided to pay off my car recently. This was a HUGE decision and I was positively thrilled to get my title in the mail today. Though we are not rich by any means, we had the opportunity and chance to do this, and we took it. What a weight off my shoulders, and a year and a half early, too!

The other big and exciting thing happening is actually coming in about a mother-in-law! She's coming to hang out with us for a week and go to a Seattle/Red Sox game. My sister-in-law and her husband are coming up from Oregon to go to it too, so it should be a really fun time. I'm thrilled to be seeing my team away from home, even if I am in the minority.

Our garden continues to grow, I think I've killed our tomatoes, it's finally, finally sunny out so I'm getting some sun while babysitting. The kids I sit for are all of Hispanic descent, (with the exception of the blue eyed, blonde-haired baby) so they tan right up in the sun. Not so much the case for me. Though I am getting a nice base tan and more freckles, I need to stay in the shade more than them to keep from burning. Every time I think I'm getting tan I just have to look at them to realize just how white I am! Oh well, it's a fact I've come to accept long ago!

So, that's what's new in my about yours?

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