Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Having a day

I've been in a little bit of a funk lately. Both in blogging and in real life, I just haven't felt like doing much of anything.

You know the saying, "shit runs downhill"? Well, it does. I was "spoken to" twice this week at my babysitting job. It wasn't terrible, and the circumstances that caused it were simply kids being kids, but nonetheless it upset me.

Compounded with that, we took in a foster kitty, Clarabelle, while she recovers from a chest cold. Clarabelle is a sad little kitty who lost half her fur from the stress of her family losing their home and her giving birth to a litter of kittens. No one glances at her to consider adopting, especially since we have kittens almost all the time now. Clarabelle is a love-bug but she's 6 and not particularly attractive. Though I don't think we can keep her, I also hate to send her back to the shelter or Petco because I know that will only stress her out more.

Hermione couldn't be more unhappy with me. She's growling, sulking, hiding and pouting. I absolutely hate being on the receiving end of that. It doesn't help that we have company this week, and she hates new people. She will only come out and socialize (so far) when Clarabelle is away in her bathroom. Clarabelle hates the bathroom and wants to wander. I feel like a terrible kitty mom.

I know it's not, but life and finding a permanent job just seem so hopeless at the moment. Not to mention that my babysitting hours were recently cut in half, and though she's attempting to make it up to me and add hours, it may soon not be worth it at all for me to come for an hour or two in the middle of my day. It certainly prevents me from taking on any other part time job.

In an attempt to feel better about myself and my frustrations, I find myself turning to the kitchen again. Tonight we are having meatloaf and these delicious-looking (I haven't tasted them yet!) Italian Cheese Twists from The Frugal Girl.
I'm hoping that getting my hands dirty in some dough will help lift my spirits a bit.

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