Monday, January 31, 2011

House list

I don't remember where I read about it, but I read somewhere about a blogger who made a list of house improvements that she wanted to make this year. I thought it was such a good idea that I made my own list! Unfortunately, I then completely forgot to post it here. Oops. Well, better late than never!

I divided my list up by room, and tried to make it not too expansive, because even though I have a year to complete them, I don't want to bite off more than I can chew, of course!

Living room:

  • Hang a wedding picture on the wall
  • Hang and decorate with frame shadow boxes (I will post about these when I hang them up; they were another Freecycle find!)
  • Get a new rug
  • Hang the mirror (a gift that I haven't gotten around to hanging up yet)
  • Get 2 chairs and sell the Freecycle couch (or at least get rid of it, but I'm hoping to sell it!)
  • Get a small coffee table (I have my eye on one posted on Freecycle, actually!)


  • Replace switch plate covers (check! Post coming soon on that!)
  • Get a new dining room table (Not feasible right now, based on the space we have so I'm putting this off until later)
  • Find a nicer way to store our plastic to-go containers (please tell me I'm not the only one who battles with this!!)
  • Fix screen door
  • Stain deck (OK, this is outside, but it's off the kitchen, so that counts!)
  • Get his and her recliners and a couch
  • Sell Freecycle sectional (seeing a pattern here?)
  • Hang Dark Side of the Moon poster (it needs to be's kinda a pain to hang, but it needs to be done!)
  • Replace switch plate covers
  • Fix weather stripping on the door to the garage
  • Replace door to garage? (I'm not sure if we want to or need to do this, but it has a doggie door that we don't use, so a new one might be nice
  • Find better curtains
Master bedroom:
  • Hang something above the bed (we have a big, empty wall!)
  • Sand and refinish my bedside table
  • Build a stand for the TV and DVD player
  • Repair and rehang broken frame
  • Mount speakers on the wall (We decided to sell these instead)
  • Find a desk with more storage (thank you Craigslist! They even delivered!)
  • Sell the desk we currently have (again, Craigslist!)
  • Organize!!!
Guest room:
  • Find a small mirror or full length mirror to hang
  • Replace or paint dresser
  • Spray paint bed frame white
I will keep you posted as I progress in my goals!

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