Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Small decorations

It's the little things in the house that make me happy. It is one of my goals to replace the switch plate covers in all the rooms in our house. Sadly, it only went as far as my bedroom and bathroom for several months. However, I found a couple more Etsy sites that I liked (I had different ideas for each room, which is why I went with different sellers) and was able to find switch plates I liked for our front room, hall and kitchen!

The front room (living room) and hallway are painted green...it's a difficult color to describe, but we like it a lot. I wanted something classy for those covers, and since I would need to get three, I also knew I'd need them to be something I was really happy with! It took a while, but I finally settled on one that I liked a lot...especially when I got them on the wall!

The picture really doesn't show the colors well, but I was lazy (an on a picture-taking roll) and was taking them at night.
I happen to love our hallway, by the way. I found these frames at Bed Bath and Beyond, and it was $10 for all 4. I know I might have been able to to better at my favorite thrift store, but this was prior to discovering it, so these worked for me!

Since we've combined families, I wanted to have a tribute to both sides, so there are wedding pictures with Geoff and I alone with our families, a picture of my brother and sister-in-law, and one of all 4 "kids" (but not my sister). I really like the way it looks!

Anyway, back to the switch plate covers. In the kitchen we have yellow walls that I love, with a little brick above the stove and red curtains over the sink. We also have a wall with 4 coffee pictures. You know the kind, the ones you buy as a set at Target. Nothing overly exciting, but I do love the look of coffee decor, so I knew that's what I wanted in the kitchen. These just arrived this weekend so I was thrilled to put them up! And they match the walls so well!

It's difficult to see with the walls, but again, I was taking the pictures at night, so bear with it! In the kitchen I replaced two switch plates, but also a plug cover because we had a decorative cover there that I wanted to match everything else.
The best part of all is that I now have 5 decorative covers that are listed on Craigslist! If they don't sell, I will try either Freecycle or just donate them, but I figured I'd try to make a little cash first.

What do you think?

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