Thursday, February 3, 2011

52 Letters, 52 Weeks, week 5

I'm a week or so behind in posting but, thankfully, not behind in writing! The letter from two weeks ago was to a good friend from college. When we were in school we used to go to Great Harvest Bread and pick up their coloring pages which were always seasonal. Then we would take them back, color them, and write letters on the back to friends far away. I once wrote a letter to my grandparents and when they wrote back they commented on how nice my picture was! Why thank you, I hope so, considering I'm in college!
Anyway, I had an old coloring page from Sunday School (I say old because it was two kids with a cake that said Happy Birthday Jesus!) which I had colored while my kids played with legos at the end of the lesson. I found it, pulled it out, and wrote a letter on the back, just like old times. Though I haven't heard from my friend yet, I hope she's received it already!
Last week's letter went to my sister. In searching for a silly Valentine's card for my best friend, I came across an adorable, but simple card that I thought my sister would appreciate. So I penned out a letter, filling both sides of the card, and mailed it off to LA, where she is staying for the semester.
This week's letter is still to be determined. I don't have stationary that is condusive to long letter-writing, though that is what I have wanted to do, recently! I was considering typing up a letter, but since that isn't very exciting either, I think I will just use one of the blank cards I already have. Though I'm not sure who will get this week's letter, I have a few ideas, so when inspiration strikes I should be ready (and hopefully inspiration strikes soon, since it's already Thursday!)

If you're doing this challenge, how are you doing?

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