Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Grateful Wednesday

Every Wednesday (well, almost every Wednesday!) I try to do a post on things I'm grateful for over the past week. This helps keep my mood up...especially in the winter. Give it a try, it helps!

Oh, friends. I feel as if I have failed you in the blogging sense. I looked back at my blog and I have had nothing exciting or unusual to say in far too long. I have allowed the business of life get in the way of what I love to do...write! I will try to be better this week.

Anyway, this week I'm grateful for my job. There are so many out there without one, or with jobs they hate or had to settle on (even me, sometimes) but the fact that I have a job, any job, is important and refreshing.

I'm grateful for the gas station attendant next door to work who knows me and gives me the occasional free coffee! Hey, it's the little things.

I'm grateful for my brand new iPhone, which I have been waiting a long time for. Loyal to Verizon, I had to wait until it came to my phone company, and this month it did!

I'm grateful for the light dusting of snow that made everything pretty, but not a nuisance this morning.

I would have more to be grateful for, but remember that job? Well, I must go do it!

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