Wednesday, March 16, 2011


When I first began to think I might be depressed, the idea of going to the doctor hadn't occurred to me. It was also the late 90s, so while we had the internet, of course, it wasn't as important or used as much by me as it is today. It seems funny to think about that. So while going to the doctor did not seem to be an option for me, I did soon realize there were other things I could do aside from prescriptions to make me feel better.

Mini side-note: Some people need prescription drugs. Not everyone can treat depression without them, and that's OK. That is how I get through my day to day life. Better living through chemistry, as my grandmother always says. However, I do want you to know that there may be other options, and that either drugs or natural remedies are both acceptable. You just need to find something that works for you.

Herbal remedies
Anyway, at the time I worked at CVS and I was fascinated by all the different products out there. Products I had no idea existed until I was forced to wander the store and straighten, or put new shipments of products out. This is when I discovered the vitamin aisle. Today I simply take a regular multivitamin,  but there are so many different types out there that at the time I was overwhelmed and fascinated. However, I did find one called St. John's Wort. This particular plant is known for treating depression in other countries. I used it for a bit, and it seemed to help, though I wasn't monitoring my feelings quite the way I do now. It does interact with birth control, however, so it's best to avoid it if you're taking birth control and using it for...well, birth control!

Up here in the Pacific Northwest sun is, well, a scarcity. Especially in the winter. As a result, I've taken to trying to absorb as much sun as possible. It may sound ridiculous, but the truth is, humans don't naturally get enough Vitamin D themselves, which is why it is often found in milk. I'm not sure if the fact that Vitamin D is found in UV rays (the sun) or that the sun's warmth just makes you feel better, but whichever the case is, sunlight is a very natural way to boost your mood.
Like I said, out here sun is a little less available than I would like, but I actually think that's better. It means I appreciate every little bit of sun that comes out of our sky! So soak it in, because, depression or not, it will boost your mood.

When all else fails, I enjoy petting my cats. Don't laugh, it's proven that people with pets have lower blood pressure! Something about a small, warm, furry body on my lap just calms me.

What do you do to naturally lift your mood, or ease depression?

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