Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March goals

Remember back when I actually did goals every month? Yeah, I barely remember either. Not only did I clearly fail in October, but I didn't even post an update on November's goals! I have no idea if they were fulfilled either, because I didn't post an update! So, clearly goal number one should be actually sticking to my goal posts.
So here are my March goals:

1. Update these goals at the end of the month and create goals for April.

2. Play nice with Mint.com. I'm trying, I really am, but the problem is we tend not to stop going to restaurants when our restaurant budget is up! Oops. This should be fixed.

3. Plan the menu for the week and post about it. If I plan to post about it I have to do it, right??

4. Make at least 2 blog posts a week on something meaningful.(No more fluff, right?)

5. Go to Weight Watchers every week, regardless of how the week went.

Here's hoping I keep track this time around...

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