Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's OK Thursday

Today I'm linking up with It's OK Thursday!

It's OK that I was late to work this morning because I had to get coffee (I had a free drink with my punch card!)

It's OK that I have almost nothing planned for posts next week. Or the week after. Or the near future.

It's OK that I made pumpkin bread for my neighbors and promptly put it in my fridge and completely forgot about it 2 weeks ago.

It's OK that despite the fact that a little kid growled at me yesterday for making him sit out of a game (for not listening) I still love my job.

It's OK that I'm 28 and couldn't be more excited about going to Disney Land in January!

It's OK that I've been meaning to link-up to It's OK Thursdays for several months and only just now got around to doing it!

Now it's your turn! What's OK with you today?

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