Friday, March 9, 2012

Fur Baby Friday!

I love my fur babies so much. Have you ever noticed that you can chat with someone, even a perfect stranger, for hours on the weird/adorable/funny things your pets do? I thought I'd write a few of the weird habits that my kitties have, for this week's Fur Baby Friday!

Lets start with Hermione.

This cat has more personality than any other cat I've ever known. That's probably not true, but I feel like I have to say it, because I'm her mommy.
Hermione is a southern girl, born in Alabama and transplanted to Seattle. She is 3 years old, and still acts like a kitten. Some of her weird quirks include...

  • Sticking her paw out and pulling your hand down to her face to scratch it
  • Tearing through the house like a bat outta hell
  • Chewing on everything that comes anywhere near her mouth
  • Jumping into the bathtub after one of us showers
  • Licking inside Geoff's ears in the morning, if he isn't up to feed her yet

Clarabelle, on the other hand, loves to sleep. She's older, so it's probably expected, but I swear that cat spends about 30 minutes of the day actually awake.
Clarabelle likes to...
  • Play with straws
  • Lick catnip pillows until they're disgusting
  • Cuddle. Seriously, this cat has to be ON TOP of you. If you try to move her, she'll just come back. Try too many times and she'll actually "bite" you (rest her teeth on you). We call her a violent cuddler.
  • Sleep in the bathroom sink
My cats are so weird. What do your pets do?

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