Monday, March 26, 2012

Ten things to write about when you have blogger's block

If you're like me you've run into blogger's blog now and then. In fact, I'm running into it right now! So here are some tips for when you have no idea what to write about. You may be seeing more of these in the next week or two, until I get inspired again!

  1. Repost a previous post. Have a post you love? Repost it! Just make sure it hasn't been posted recently.
  2. Find a link-up! There are plenty out there. Brunch with Amber does It's OK Thursday. My Pretty Pennies does a Weekly Money Check-up. Fabulous but Evil has The Nail Files, and Mrs. Monologues does Fur Baby Friday. Just check your blog roll, there are plenty out there.
  3. Post a list of posts you found interesting in the past week. Bloggers love promotion and it feels especially good if you find that someone else liked a post you worked hard on.
  4. Post a recipe you tried and love. I'm not into posting or really reading recipes, but lots of people love them. It's easy to do and takes as much time as writing up the recipe! Make sure you tell people where you got it from.
  5. Review a book you read recently. Everyone loves to hear about a new book to read, especially if it isn't a huge, popular one. Read: don't review The Hunger Games.
  6. Write about an experience you had. Be it the last time you stayed in a hotel, or the day you closed on your house, write it out. Most people love a good story, especially if it's well written.
  7. Write your goals. This, obviously, is typically used for the beginning of the month, but it doesn't have to be! Write the goals you hope to accomplish in that week. I find that writing out my goals and posting them publicly helps keep me accountable.
  8. Write about what you're watching these days. Whether it's Scrubs, which has been off the air for several years, or The Killing whose second season starts in April (yes, I'm watching both!), write about it! It's always interesting to see what people are watching.
  9. Post a picture or two. Have a picture you recently took that you love? Post it, along with the story behind it.
  10. Write a list. There are so many things to list. Things to write about when you have blogger's block, things you learned your first year of marriage, or planning your wedding. Buying a house. Whatever you feel like listing!
What are your tips or tricks when you have blogger's block?

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