Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu plan Monday!

Sunday: Leftover chicken soup, biscuits (more on that!)
Monday: BLT sandwiches and spinach with parmesan and breadcrumbs. A delicious Weight Watchers recipe!
Tuesday: Sourdough pancakes and bacon
Wednesday: Chicken and dumplings, another WW recipe from the Comfort Classics cookbook
Thursday: Tacos with ground turkey
Friday-Sunday we will be in Oregon, visiting Geoff's sister for the Superbowl, so I have no idea what dinners will be!

As usual, this is brought to you by!

Now, about the leftover chicken soup. Geoff had bought some beer back in Nov/Dec. and hadn't gotten around to drinking it. Since beer isn't quite like wine, it really wasn't that good. Last Wednesday we used some in the beer can chicken (this beer is in a bottle, so I poured it into an empty Dr. Pepper can!) but we had a leftover chicken carcass that needed to be used, so Geoff made soup. He poured about 3 bottles of beer in to make the broth, but it made it a little, for lack of a better word. Anyway, he ended up replacing the beer with water and chicken broth and we have leftovers for lunch!

It doesn't look amazing, but it was pretty good.

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