Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Food Stamp far

When I made this week's menu plan, I forgot something really important. We are going camping this weekend! This sort of messes with my menu plan, but only slightly. We are going Saturday night through Monday, so I am going to edit the plan ever so slightly, as follows:

Saturday: Originally homemade pizza, now grilled pork chops and corn on the cob.

Sunday: Originally breakfast for dinner, now grilled chicken thighs and corn on the cob (yes, again).

Breakfast will be pancakes one morning, provided I find a griddle for us to cook on, and bacon. The other morning it will probably be eggs (again, provided we find a griddle! This only just occurred to me...)

Lunches will be turkey sandwiches. We have bread at home, but I will have to buy some deli turkey and cheese. This will come out of our grocery budget for this month, which has $141.47 left. However, I do have $6 extra from my Costco run on Sunday.
We bought some plums from Costco but when I brought them home, I discovered that they were very ripe. So ripe, in fact, that they were almost overripe. I put them aside and debated bringing them back (but Geoff made fun of me for it!) and they sat on a chair until I picked them up on Tuesday night and they had leaked all over the chair! I wasn't pleased. So I made an extra trip to Costco (possibly negating the $6 refund they gave me in the gas I used, but that is gas budget, not food!) and returned the plums. I'm hoping to use that $6 to get turkey and cheese for this weekend.

All was not lost, however. While I was in town to go to Costco (it's about 30 minutes from our house, so we usually batch our "errands" and go after church, which is in the same city) I also stopped to visit with the kittens we just got at Petco from Purrfect Pals. I volunteer on Friday nights, and I was a little afraid the last 2 we had wouldn't be there and I wanted to meet them! Hey, it's all about batching errands, right?

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