Monday, March 5, 2012

I have two gym memberships.

Yes, it's true, I am a member at two different gyms. Yes, I also proclaim to be frugal.

Allow me to explain. I work for a gym. Well, I don't actually work for the gym myself, but I work for a company that owns a gym and I do childcare (not while people work out. This is getting confusing. I apologize). Anyway, I get one of those gym memberships for free, a savings of almost $550 a year, not counting the initial joining fee (why do gyms even have that?)

I'm also a member of Gold's Gym, which is roughly the same price. It's obviously a little more because both Geoff and I are members, but I think my half is about the same amount. The question you may (or may not) have is, why not cancel the membership at Gold's? Especially considering in May my membership will become a family membership, and Geoff can go with me.

It would make perfect sense to do that. The organization I work for (which I won't name, but you probably can figure it out) has a gym literally 5 minutes away from my work. I can easily go between shifts (I work a split shift, morning and afternoon), shower, and head back to work. Or to Starbucks, which is where I am now, to wait for my next shift. Or run errands.

However...the Gold's is also literally 5 minutes away...from our house. My job is about 30 minutes from home. I think you may see where this is going.
Having two gym memberships, one of which I don't pay for, is very convenient for me, and I like convenience. When there are less that 5 hours between my shifts, I stay in town. It isn't worth my time or gas to spend an hour traveling just to have 3 hours at home. However, finding something to occupy 4 hours of my day is also difficult. So, I go to the gym. That's where having a membership there is great.

Yet most days I have 5 hours between shifts, so I go home. Sometimes I don't even start until 2 pm. On these days, and on the weekends (theoretically) I can go to Gold's, because it's so close to home. I love having the options of both gyms. {Plus, Gold's is a little nicer than the other gym, and I'd miss those awesome locker rooms} Sure, I could save a lot of money by canceling my half of the one I pay for, but I chose convenience over money, just this time. That said, I would cancel my membership if money got very tight, but since we can afford it, I choose to keep it.

Is it the right choice? For me, yes. Others enjoy the benefits of a free gym membership. Me? I frequent both, and don't lose sleep over the extra money spent.

What would you do if you were in the position of having two gym memberships?

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