Friday, April 16, 2010

Food Waste Friday success!

I'm very happy to report that we have NO waste this week!! We were great about eating our leftovers, but I do have to say that I ate out one night this week and a couple it's actually a small miracle that we ate everything we had.
I also wanted to show a picture of my fridge, because I think this is what success looks like, at least in this house! (Note that we're going grocery shopping on Sunday, so it won't be empty for long!)

It looks slightly pathetically empty, but really, I'm OK with that! Dinner tonight is fruit (there are pineapples and strawberries in there to eat), bacon and eggs, and there's lunch meat in one of the drawers for lunch tomorrow. Dinner will be determined tonight, but the freezer is plenty full so I'm sure we'll find something!
As always, food waste Friday is brought to you by The Frugal Girl!

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