Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden update!

It's hard to keep updated on my garden because right now it's growing so fast! Though it's been a little bit of work every few days because we have to keep transplanting the plants into larger pots, I'm happy with how it's turning out, and can't wait to see the fruits (or vegetables!) of our labor!

Last week I posted on Freecycle (remember how much I love Freecycle??) asking for large pots and possibly a topsy turvy tomato planter (hey, it was worth a shot!) I ended up with a couple large planters (not as big as the one we bought, but still big enough for a couple plants) so on Saturday we planted our quickly growing seedlings into the larger pots!

Currently our balcony looks a little, well, sparse, but I can't wait for the plants to get bigger and become visible over the edge of the pots! Plus, we have a couple bulbs that are starting to grow as well, so flowers will bring a little more color to the balcony.

These tomato plants aren't ready to spend the nights outside. I'm trying to toughen them up by bringing them outside every day and taking them in at night. I can't wait for them to grow bigger so we can put them in more permanent pots!
I love gardening! How about you? How are you gardening this year?

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