Friday, April 2, 2010

Food Waste Friday

I would like to start this week's food waste by saying, it's not my fault!
Well, of course food waste is always my (our) fault, but I suppose I mean that the fact that I have waste this week is simply a matter of, I cleaned out the fridge this week. Which, of course also means that these items should have been in a food waste post several weeks ago. Oops.
Anyway! Nothing that I'm about to show you is from this week's grocery shopping, which means we've eaten everything (and we got a lot of produce!) before it went bad! We do have two zucchinis and a red bell pepper in there that need to be cooked up some time in the next couple days, but overall, we're in good shape.

OK, onto the shame!

We have two different types of yogurt simply because I was going to make smoothies with the fat free plain. Which I did, but not before it was a little too old for me to want to play with anymore. (Also, next time I think I'll get some vanilla next time, but that's another story.) As for the vanilla, I was sending it with Geoff because I'm not a fan of plain yogurt, but it somehow got pushed to the back, and last week we were not on top of packing lunches, so it just wasn't used.
The sour cream on top is from several weeks ago, I'm ashamed to admit. In all three containers there wasn't much more than a serving in each, so it could be worse.

Geoff doesn't do apples, and I honestly don't know where these came from. I did mean to make them into a little applesauce, but we had plenty of little cups of it, and it just never really happened. The lettuce is from before I realized the amazing invention of a head of lettuce! My laziness used to win out and I never was able to finish off a bag of lettuce. But with the head it doesn't go bad nearly as quickly, and we were able to finish off a whole head of lettuce this week, which is unusual for us. Plus, they're cheaper than the bag, of course. So we learned a lesson with apples and lettuce this week.

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