Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby bucket list

For various reasons I've had babies on the mind lately. Knowing that now is most decidedly not the right time for us to have kids, I decided to make a list of things I want to do with Geoff before having a baby. I love lists and I love crossing things off them, so this is the perfect way to put off my baby fever!

Vacation in Hawaii (We are currently saving for this and it's planned for Feb. 2012!)
Go on another cruise

Go to Disney World or Land
Go to the Harry Potter theme park in Florida
Visit Vancouver

Get a job for Megg
Buy a house (this has been on my baby bucket list since before we bought the house!)
Build up our savings...and keep a set amount of money in there
Get out of credit card debt
Start saving for a replacement car (both of ours are 8 years old...they won't last forever)

Personal enrichment and health:
Send Geoff back to school
Get into shape and lose at least 50 lbs.
Have a vegetable garden

Fun stuff:
Get a dog (Maybe...they are a lot of work and money)
Finish my wedding scrapbook (I'm not bringing something else I want to take pictures of into the house until that's done!)

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