Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm exhausted

We had several guests come through our new house over the course of the past two weeks. It was wonderful, but I have to admit, I'm happy to have my house back to myself again! Back to the routine of daily life!

Our first guest was my wonderful mom! I didn't take many pictures but it was a wonderful visit. We visited Ikea, because my mom had never been there, shopped for curtains (a post on that coming up!) relaxed, and visited Leavenworth, a cute tourist town with lots of fun shops. We had a great time, and I was sorry to see her go!

The day after my mom left, two of my friends from school in Alabama came to visit! Jessica and Lydia's visit was very different from my mom's visit but it was just as fun! We visited a local corn maze...

Pike Place Market (including the first Starbucks store and my favorite place to eat lunch, Market Grill)

Snoqualmie Falls, which are just 15 minutes down the road from our house (who knew?)

Sushi Land...twice...

And the aquarium!

On Friday I sent them into the city on their own (they did great!) and they rode the duck boats and visited the Space Needle.

Like I said, they were both awesome visits, but I'm happy to get back to my regularly scheduled programs...laundry, dishes, errands and, of course, job hunting.

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