Thursday, October 7, 2010


One of my favorite blogs to read, The Frugal Girl, is doing a series on how to be content. When I first read that she was doing this series, I was interested, but didn't think it was something I could get a lot out of. After all, I am content...aren't I?
Boy was I wrong! I am content...for the most part. But when I read the first post on contentment, I realized there are things in my life that I am not content about, and that are affecting me, and how I live my life. The Frugal Girl pointed out that oftentimes we think contentment is something we can wait for. I could relate to that. I used to think I'd be content and happy when I was engaged. Then I was sure I would be happy when we were married. Now I think I will be happy when I have a job. What then? Will I only be happy when we have a baby? A family? The more I do this, the more I will resent where I am in my life right now, and not enjoy it.

One of the biggest things I'm not content with is my lack of a job. I hate that I'm home all day (sounds like a good thing, but it's not, not after a few months!) I hate that I can't contribute to out household expenses, and I hate that I can't put my degree to work.

However, there are definitely good things about my being home. First, we were able to buy a house and can pay our mortgage and bills on Geoff's salary alone. I am able to plan meals, cook and clean without being exhausted and having to deal with it after coming home from a long day at work. This also allows Geoff to relax when he gets home, and since he's the one making all the money, I do want him to be able to relax! We are also lucky in that Geoff's work schedule allows him to get off late in the afternoon, so he's home around 4 most days. Since I don't work, I'm home when he is, and that gives us plenty of couple time together.
Another positive of my not working is that I am able to volunteer with Purrfect Pals and our church youth group. If I had a full time job I'm not sure I would be able to commit to volunteering as much because I'd be tired all the time. Now it gives me a way to get out of the house!

Even though I don't have a job in my degree, I am lucky enough to have my masters degree, something many people can't afford on their own. Sure, a job would help with the student bills and other expenses, but I know it will come, in time. Meanwhile, I'm trying to be content with where I am in life, because I know when I have a full time job I will wish I was still home every day!

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