Monday, November 1, 2010

Goal update for October

I'm getting frustrated with my goal posts. I think I will try to revamp the goals I have, as these don't seem to be working out for me.

Here are the results of October's goals:
1. Get a job, any job.
Still nothing. Had a few more interviews but nothing so far.

2. Plan dinner meal menu every week.
I think the first step to eating at home again is planning the menu. Next month I'll worry about the budget.

I did this for about 2 1/2 out of the 4 weeks this month. This is something I need to keep up with better. One of the weeks I didn't take care of this was the week we had guests so we ate out a lot.

3. Send out Idaho reception thank you cards.
Um, nope. However, I made progress. They are now sitting on my coffee table, in plain sight.

4. Walk the neighborhood at least 3 times a week.
This one was tough, mostly because we had guests for 2 weeks in October and it's started the fall rain that is common around here. Many evenings it's rainy so we haven't gotten out to walk like I'd planned.

5. Donate boxes in the garage so we can park a car in there.

Ah ha! I did this goal! My car is currently parked in the garage! Score!

November goals:
1. Get a job, any job. (If I make this a goal often enough then it will happen eventually, right??)

2. In that vein, apply for at least three jobs a day (more if I can find them!)

3. Write 5 Idaho reception thank you cards a day.

4. Clean off the counters and cabinets in the garage and set up Geoff's ham radio and modeling things and my scrapbook stuff in there.

5. Complete the majority of my Christmas shopping/making of gifts. 

Wish my luck...I don't seem to be very successful at this whole goal thing.

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