Monday, November 8, 2010

Time to say goodbye

Today, I say goodbye. Goodbye to daytime TV, staying in my pajamas until noon and mid-afternoon couch naps. Goodbye to lazy mornings drinking coffee on the couch and playing with Facebook all day.

But hello to something else!

(Image courtesy of Google images)

Starting today, I am officially employed! Yes, I will join the wonderful world of a 9-5 job* and I couldn't be happier!
*Technically my hours will be 10-6, but whatever, same thing.
I'm eager to see what this means for our relationship. Some of the household duties that I have so terribly taken under my wing will have to be divided, and there will be nights when I don't get home until very late, due to my previous commitments. I also foresee Geoff putting dinner together more often, since he will be home at 4, and I will be home about 6:30.

Whatever this next season of our life brings, I have to say that I don't think I will miss the daytime TV and my lazy mornings! (Well, I might miss them a little bit, in about three months, but for now, I happily say goodbye!)

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