Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to do Christmas on a (very) tight budget: Think sentimentality

Grandparents love pictures. Lets face it, they don't need more stuff, they've spent a lifetime collecting stuff. What they do need, and will really appreciate, is a nice, framed picture of you and your husband, your kids (this is a huge hit!) or, in my case, their grandkids...at their wedding.

This is the picture I chose for Geoff's and my grandparents. It may sound narcissistic, but grandparents, especially ones who live further away, love photographs. And when you give them a nice picture of your kids, it's a gift that never goes wrong, since kids change every year! I get my pictures printed at www.photoworks.com where 4x6 photos are 15 cents and 5x7 are 99 cents. Tada! With a nice frame (ranging from $5-20, depending on where you shop) that was a very simple $21 gift.

For me, $21 isn't bad...but multiply that by the 4 grandparents we are buying for makes it $84, which, for me, is a little much. So, I decided to think outside the box a little bit, today. I recently found a new thrift store locally, and I visited it today to see what I could find. Now, I know what you're thinking. Thrift store shopping for Christmas gifts?? Seriously, Megg, I think you're stooping a little low this time. Well, bear with me.
I was able to find a few frames that were suitable for my purposes! I spent $8 total (not counting the $6 vest I found for me!) and found three excellent frames. One of them has something sticky on the glass and will need a few screws tightened, but it's in great condition otherwise. The second will need something sticky removed when I take the price tag off, and the third is this frame from IKEA, still wrapped in its plastic and only $2.99! Granted, I spent a good 20 minutes poking through the frames to find a few halfway decent ones, but it was worth it to me.

You don't have to go my route for frames, of course. Though I don't have a Hobby Lobby near me, I hear they have excellent frames that are often on clearance or sale. Michaels also has excellent frames that are very often on sale, and Marshalls or Ross also have inexpensive decorative frames for sale. Where you get the frame doesn't really matter, the most important part is the picture that goes inside. The memories you are giving them inside that frame are priceless.

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