Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm grateful Wednesday

Every week I post things I'm grateful for in the hopes that I will be constantly reminded of the good things. Some days everything seems to be too much, so finding the good is very important to me!

This week I'm grateful that it is Wednesday! Last week seemed to go so slowly. Though this week isn't flying by, at least it's not dragging like the last one!

I'm grateful for free coffee! I went to get coffee yesterday (I was really debating because I've been spending too much on coffee recently) and discovered that my stamp card was full and I had a free drink!

I'm grateful for a short week next week!

I'm grateful that I haven't messed anything up at work in a week and a half! I think I'm starting to learn.

I'm grateful for a husband that works hard to support us. He's been working a lot these last couple weeks on a big project.

I'm grateful that work is keeping me busy, which is why I can't add more today!

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