Friday, December 17, 2010


Every good blog needs a miscellany post, right? (Humor me even if it doesn't!)

Today was a good day. I was able to dispatch at work with little help, and I was even left alone for a couple hours! This doesn't seem like much, but it was definitely an exciting moment in my new job. Unfortunately, I accidentally made one of our drivers work much longer than he needed to...and even though he was cheerful about it, I felt very bad. I am hoping future work days go better and that I am allowed to dispatch again.
When I got out of work, however, I realized just how tired I was! I fed the kitties, fed myself, put on my pjs, wrapped up in a blanket (we're cheap so we keep the house freezing pleasantly cool, even in the winter) and settled down on the couch to watch bad tv and relax. Geoff is out for the night, so I'm alone...and I actually don't mind it. After talking to drivers all day I was ready for some quiet and zoning-out.
I think I might be getting tired of Facebook games. When I was home all day I enjoyed them, but since I've started working and actually have a life...well, it doesn't seem like they are worth my time anymore. I'm glad that I am moving on. Even if it is to Plants vs. Zombies, a game my sister got me hooked on recently.
I've been toying with the idea of taking The Compact, but I find myself also worrying about what I do want to buy new. Most specifically, a worm bin, which I'm not sure I can buy used. This would be very green, because it helps with composting, and I most definitely wouldn't put it in my kitchen like this picture did, but the fact remains, I may not be ready to take The Compact just yet. I may try it for a month though, to see how I like it and go from there.

Speaking of The Compact and non-consumerism, I have been feeling very overwhelmed with consumerism lately. I attribute most of it (well OK, all of it...) to the fact that Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is promoting something. It still bothers me, and I feel very aware of it this year. Not that this is a bad thing, but it is uncomfortable. And I can't wait for Christmas to be over so the commercials will stop! Though there will always be commercials promoting things I don't need.

And with that...I have to say thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

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