Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Unfortunately, I can't show you how our house is decorated for Christmas, because the camera and I are disagreeing. I think the memory cards should work properly, and it disagrees. I also think that when I take pictures without the memory card the camera should show up on my computer desktop when I plug it in. The camera disagrees. Sadly, the camera is winning.

So you will just have to take my word for it when I say our house is decorated for Christmas! Minimally decorated, that is. I have found myself becoming more and more of a minimalist over the past few years. Partially because of the blogs I've started reading in the past year, but I also blame the fact that I was quite transient for about 2 years before settling down here in Washington. If course 8 months after I settle down in our townhouse we bought a house and moved, but I like to think that we are at least going to be staying here for quite some time! Especially considering the rent isn't likely to go up like it did in the townhouse!
Since I have been so transient lately, I haven't really collected many Christmas decorations. What I did have is stored at my parent's house, so I am limited this year. Luckily Geoff bought a Christmas tree and ornaments when he first moved out here, so we do have a lovely blue and silver Christmas tree (which, coincidentally, were our wedding colors almost a year ago!) We also have two stockings hanging on the mantle, and a lovely winter table runner that I will be able to leave out as long as it's cold because it has snowmen on it!

I'm sure, in years to come I will build up my stash of Christmas decorations. In fact, this year after Christmas I'm already planning on buying lights for our house on major clearance. But this year I'm enjoying the simple, minimalist look in my brand new (to us) house.

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