Friday, April 1, 2011

52 Letter challenge, week 13

I can't believe we're already in week 13 of the letter writing challenge! Though I'm up to date on my writing, I'm not always up to date on my updating you all! Sorry about that.
Last week I decided to write to my grandmother in North Carolina. We used to write back and forth a lot but got out of the habit, somehow. Funny how life gets busy and you forget things like that. Anyway, I sent her a relatively newsy letter, including a discussion about my very first cheesecake I made on my own!
The weeks I can't think of anyone to write to, I write to my perpetual pen pal, Lydia. Since my best friend from home is coming to visit this week and we are going away for a few days, I decided it was easiest to write to Lydia. She may be next week's recipient too, since Kristin will be here until Thursday and I'm taking time off from work. I want to enjoy our time together! If I don't get to writing, then I will do two next week, most likely.
If you're doing the 52 week letter writing challenge, how are you doing?

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