Friday, April 8, 2011

52 Letter challenge, week 14

Despite going away with my best friend for a few days this week, I managed to get a letter written to someone who is not my penpal Lydia!
This week I wrote to a very good friend named Steve, whom I've known for 18+ years. I actually babysat for Steve, who is only 3 years younger than me, along with his brother and their younger sister. I was mostly a referee, to be honest, however.
Anyway, Steve and I clearly go way back, but we became close when we worked together at a bowling alley. We worked Saturday nights, and it was so much fun. I often miss those days. So, Steve is now married and living in Chicago, and I will see him in about a month, when I go out for my sister's graduation! I'm very excited.
When we worked together, Steve had the silly habit of collecting fake credit cards. You know the ones, the cardboard cards they send you in the mail with "Your Name Here" on the name area. We recently got one in the mail, however, and I was reminded of Steve! I've been stuck on wondering who to write to (I needed someone new) and this was perfect.
So, this week's letter goes out to Steve, along with a fake credit card; a joke clearly he will only understand fully.

I love writing letters.

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