Friday, June 17, 2011

Food Waste fail

I failed this week with my food waste in several ways. First, because I haven't actually cleaned the fridge out yet, and second because I (like The Frugal Girl, actually) had to throw out a whole Pyrex full of some kind of rice. I can't remember the name of this rice, but we bought it for a Weight Watchers recipe. It was OK in the recipe, but neither of us were crazy about it at the time. We chalked it up to not liking the broccoli we put in there, but when I re-made just the rice by itself, neither of us really liked that. For me it was partially because of the onions, but overall we just weren't crazy about it. So, it just sat there, and while I'm sure it's still OK, I know we're not going to eat it, so there's no sense in waiting until it's actually moldy.

The other disappointing thing I threw out was blackberries. We bought a really big container of them and ate most of them (I'd say there's less than a serving left) but I discovered that I'm really not a big fan of blackberries (who knew?) and the longer those last few sat the less appealing they seemed to become. So, they'll go into the compost.

I also let 3 bananas go brown, but that isn't a waste at all since I will make banana bread or muffins from them. Hmm, should do that this weekend, because my banana situation in the freezer is getting a little crowded.

This post is linked to The Frugal Girl and Food Waste Fridays. How did you do with food waste this week? Please share in the comments!

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