Friday, June 10, 2011

Food Waste Friday win!

I'm very proud of my lack of food waste this week! We have managed to keep everything in the house eaten in a timely manner (although I just remembered one thing we wasted...tortilla chips from ages ago. They were OK, but had gotten stale so they had to go). However, I do have a story for you.

A long while ago (since this is a food waste story this is a little embarrassing to admit) Geoff was cooking dinner and decided to buy fresh spices for it. Now, I almost never buy fresh spices because a. I don't really like spices in my food because they're so so flavorful (yes, I'm boring) and b. they're expensive and we don't always use them all. Case in point today, when I finally pulled out the thyme that had long since dried up in the fridge. Embarrassing, I know. Anyway I was about to throw it out when I remembered that we have a mortar and pestle, and since the thyme was dried, I could just crush it up and save it! (By the way, man is that stuff strong).

So that's what I did! I only ended up wasting the stems, which really isn't a waste, and they went into the compost anyway. So aside from those chips, I did pretty well this week!

If you blogged about food waste, how did you do? This post is linked to The Frugal Girl.

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