Sunday, June 12, 2011

Upcycled, recycled and freecycled!

Well, OK, I didn't do all those things at once, but I did recently pick up a couple freecycled wood picture frames. The person giving them away promised one frame with no glass and a collage frame with glass. I jumped on both, mostly for the college frame, and picked them up on Friday night. Unfortunately, the glass that the collage frame had was actually broken, so I only ended up with two wood frames, one quite boring, if you want to know the truth.
Then, I saw this on Pinterest and I knew I had to replicate it. When Geoff and I were dating long distance, I insisted that we take a picture of ourselves kissing every visit. I printed these pictures out and stuck them on the wall right next to my bed, and I loved looking at them and remembering exactly where we were when each kiss happened. It was the perfect theme for my project.
I have to be honest, however. Those nails were difficult to stick in, so Geoff had to help. He also helped tie the cording, because I couldn't get them tight enough. Basically all I did in this project was collect supplies. However, I love it, and I love the fact that all I bought was cording for about $4 and nails for about $4...both of which we will reuse around here.
The pictures cover about 3 years worth of dating, and I remember which visit each kiss took place. Though the very first picture wasn't our first visit, the last one is from our wedding day, kissing in the basement of the church where we got married. I thought it was the perfect last picture in my wall of kisses.

What do you think?

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