Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bedside table transformation!

So do you remember the table I was working on that I (finally) sold on Craigslist? Well, apparently I'm just a sucker for punishment, because I decided about a month ago that I needed to refinish my own bedside table.
Yeah. If I thought that table was a pain to sand, I had another thing coming.

About halfway through sanding, Geoff's mom told me that this table is at least 75 years old (no pressure to keep it nice or anything). It was Geoff's when it was a child, and it was his grandmother's before that.

Not only did I not consider the fact that there are actual curves on this thing, but that stain has to be at least 75 years old as well. I used a stripper to get most of the stain off, then sanded the rest. It took a very long time...

...but I think the results were worth the work.
I chose this stain color because I thought it would best match the rest of the furniture in our bedroom. As you can see, it's not prefect...the wood has very distinctive coloring, but I like that. It gives it character, and knowing how old the piece is makes it all the more interesting to me.

Here it is in its new home! I think I did pretty well matching the furniture. The biggest issue with the original stain, aside from the fact that it just needed to be redone, is that it was so dark it blended in with the back wall.

Hermione likes it too.

I also added a couple crystal knobs, to give it a little more bling. That and there was no way I was going to be able to sand the tiny knobs that were on it before.

I love it and, honestly, I can't stop looking at it! What do you think?

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