Thursday, October 6, 2011

Music, part 2

If I love the instrumentals in music, my sister loves the lyrics. It's my sister who pointed out the lyrics in one of my favorite (spoken word) songs. It's my sister who always points out the lyrics to amazing songs, causing me to actually listen closely to the words.
It was my sister who pointed out the words to this song, so long ago when we were first listening to Switchfoot.
I try not to be overly religious on my blog, for many reasons. Recently, however, I rediscovered Switchfoot, and remembered why I used to listen to their CD over and over again. Listening to this song again, Redemption, I remembered why I loved this particular song.

Four A.M. two hours to go
I'm wearing out a lonely glow.
I miss you more than I could know.
Here I am, here I am,
won't you get me?

I've got my hands on redemption's side
Whose scars are bigger than these doubts of mine.
I'll fit all of these monstrosities inside
and I'll come alive.

With my fist down at your feet
I was running out of mysteries
Insecure and incomplete, here I am, here I am,
won't you get me?

My fears have worn me out
My fears have worn me out
My fears have worn me, worn me.

I think, too often, I forget that He is bigger than my doubts. Bigger than these fears of mine, the ones that run through my head over and over. Fears that come from depression, but also from dealing with everyday life. We all have them. Money, work, relationships, His timing vs. my timing. As I sat in my car the other night, listening to this song, I was reminded of this, and reminded that His scars are bigger than my fears. Always.

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