Friday, June 11, 2010

It's a jungle out there!

My garden continues to grow, and grow, and grow, but I still haven't seen any fruits (or vegetables) of my labor! Well, that isn't 100% accurate. I have eaten about 4 strawberries off our small plant!

At the grocery store on Sunday we found the perfect tomato plant for us. It's "bred" to never get bigger than it is now, and will produce a lot of tomatoes, too. I'm very excited, since my other plant was, apparently, not going anywhere fast.
Since tomatoes need a lot of sun and warmth, I had to set up a little greenhouse area for it to help it along. It's been very rainy here for the past month, but I'm hoping that, since this little guy is already started, it will be happy with it's foil contraption and ripen those tomatoes for us!

How does your garden grow?

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