Monday, June 14, 2010

When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year...

I'm a huge Friends fan. Huge. Unfortunately, I didn't discover it until a year or two after it had been off the air, but that's OK, I'm still a fan. A late adopter, but still a fan.
This statement has nothing to do with the post I'm about to continue with, and everything to do with the title of this post, which is from the Friends opening credits.

It's not so much that it hasn't been my week, because it has been a great week, but more that the week has gotten away from me. Just yesterday Geoff and I were wondering where the weekend went, and I was wondering where the whole week went! How is it Monday already?

This past week was very unusual, schedule-wise. I hardly worked for the census, didn't make it to youth group, worked many more hours than I intended babysitting (the money is helpful though), went to a bbq with Geoff's co-workers, and completely space and forgot the fact that I promised our youth leader I would help him in the office this week. Our life has been almost nothing but a whirlwind for the past week and a half.

I feel invigorated, excited, scared (no, terrified!) anxious, happy, busy and stressed, all at once. There are a few big big changes happening around here that I am not yet at liberty to talk about, but will soon. On top of that, I feel so behind! I'm behind with my 365 project (still taking pictures daily, just not as good or creative ones as I'd like), I haven't been to youth group in 3 weeks (granted, the last two were simply study nights for finals), I missed helping our youth leader, as previously mentioned, and my sister-in-law's birthday is in two days and I have picked out her gift, but haven't even ordered it, let alone sent it on it's merry way to her!
I'm stressed.

However, unlike school stress, this almost feels good. Sure, I don't like that my kitchen is a mess, that I'm running around like crazy and that we ate out three times last week because I was just too tired to cook (and we got home too late). But in a way, it's fun. It's like real life has begun, finally. There's always something going on, but it's exciting. The weeks are flying by and I'm cherishing my hours spent at home, rather than dreading them, like when that was all I was doing.

Right now, life is fun and crazy, and I'm just trying to hang on for the ride!

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