Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thoughts for 2011

New Year's Eve really isn't my thing. It never really has been, to be honest. Growing up we almost always volunteered in the afternoon at First Night Boston, watched the parade and early fireworks, and headed back home. As I got older, we started to do more things in the evening. I attended parties, my parent's hosted, I even stayed in Boston until midnight one year. Recently, however, December 31st hasn't really done much to get me all excited like it does for most people. (I do have to note that last year, 2 days before my wedding, I was getting very excited...but not necessarily because of the date.)

I was thinking about New Year's Eve the other day, and how silly it really is. I mean, we don't wait until midnight to see it become Thursday, or count down the minutes until it is September. So what is so special about the new year? To me, it's no different than being 25 one day and 26 the next. Whether it's 2010 or 2011 doesn't matter; these days it's just another year.

I think the excitement of a new year resides in the excitement of new beginnings and a fresh start. Anything is possible on January 1st. We set new goals, make promises, are determined to change. More often than not, however, this doesn't last long. I guess that's partially why I don't put much stock in the new year.

This year, however, I'm excited. I'm ready for 2011. Last year was so so eventful that I'm actually looking forward to what I hope will be a quiet year. No sickness, no huge life changes, just life. Of course I can't predict that...but here's hoping.
I do have a few goals for this year, however. I want to work on paying off debt (credit card debt, I know student loans and our mortgage will be around for a while!) and not incur more. I want to build up our savings and start saving for a vacation, just us. Maybe around our second anniversary. I want to live frugally, spend less money on things we don't need and save it for things we do. I want to get a set of recliners for out family room (hey, I have to have some fun, right??) This year's goals are money-centered, but I feel like with both of us working we can actually meet these goals, or at least work towards them. Even better, my sudden non-consumerism feelings will definitely work in my favor of meeting these goals!
I do have a few money-related weaknesses that I also want to work on. I want to eat out less. As I type this, I am sitting in Panara, using their internet and finishing off lunch. I know this is going to be a work in progress, but I am hoping that it is something I will have the self-control to do. Of course, related to that, is the fact that I want to lose weight. Those two go hand in hand.
But most of all, I want to have a healthy, happy year with my husband and our two kitties. If I get nothing else I want to accomplish, I wish that 2011 brings that.

Happy New Year, all. May all your wishes come true.

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