Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review

This year has gone by so quickly that I thought I'd do a year in review post! Our first anniversary is right around the corner, and I just love everything we have been through...together!

January: We got married! And, of course, went on our honeymoon on a cruise to Mexico! I also moved out to Washington and started this blog. I spent what felt like most of January unpacking!

February: We had our first Valentine's Day as a married couple! Sadly, I don't actually remember what we did. I also realized that I did not want to be home all day and I started writing about my depression. It was a difficult month.

March: Geoff's birthday is in March, and we celebrated with a friend who was visiting and a coworker/friend. I applied to be a census worker and mailed out numerous other applications.

April: I got a job as a census worker! This improved my outlook on life a lot. We started a small, patio garden, and I started babysitting.

May: I finished my training and went out on the field as a census worker. We received notice that our rent was going up and decided to start looking at houses. We headed down to Idaho for a wedding reception for Geoff's Idaho friends and family who couldn't make it out to Massachusetts in January.

June: We realized that we weren't going to be able to find and close on a townhouse before our lease was up, so we renewed it for 6 more months. We decided to look at houses instead of townhouses.

July: My sister-in-law, her husband and my mother-in-law came to visit and we went to a Red Sox/Mariners game. We narrowed down our choices and put an offer on a house.

August: My best friend came to visit, we added a new member to our family and we closed on the house! The last few days of August were spent painting and getting ready to move.

September: We moved into the house and I set to unpacking everything. My dad came to visit to help us move, along with Geoff's best friend. We got a couch from Freecycle.

October: My mom came to visit and we decorated! Thanks to her we got curtains in several of the rooms. A friend from school in Alabama also came to visit, and we did touristy things. I had a couple interviews that didn't pan out.

November: I (finally) got a job!! We hosted our first Thanksgiving and I adjusted to being out of the house for 8 hours a day for the first time in, well, 11 months.

December: We went away for Christmas and decorated our house (minimally) for Christmas. December flew by and I can't believe it is already the last day in 2010!

Here's hoping that 2011 is just as wonderful (but maybe not nearly as exciting, not sure I could handle that) as 2010!

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