Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Swagbucks can do for you!

I love Swagbucks. Have you heard of it? It's actually one of those online sites where you click and earn "swagbucks" and then trade those in for fun and exciting prizes. Except, this one actually works!
I'm not sure who turned me onto Swagbucks, but I decided to try it out. Plus, there was a 50 SB bonus if you joined, so that was enough to convince me! Hey, I'm easily convinced.
Anyway, I joined in November and have earned about $25 worth of cards already. I get a $5 card about every 4-5 weeks, just for doing nothing, which I think is really pretty awesome! Obviously you can always earn more SB, but since I don't want to spend hours a day doing it, I'm content to just earn between 10 and 15 SB a day.

So, how do you use Swagbucks?? I'm glad you asked! I learned a couple tricks from a blog and since then I've become a little obsessed with doing them once a day.
There are a few things that earn you 1 SB a day, but that adds up to about 90 SB a month. Hey, I never said you'd get rich this way, but every bit helps!

Polls, 1SB

So first, along the top of the page is a row of drop down menus. The ones you want are Earn. The first place I usually go is to the polls. This is always a silly question. Yesterday's was, "do you watch the Superbowl?" and todays was "how often do you wash your hair?" Once you vote, you get one SB and to see who answered what on the polls. Not overly exciting, but it gets you one SB a day.

Surveys, 2SB
All you have to do to earn these SB is to click on the trusted surveys tab, and you earn 1 SB! Simple as that! If you want, you can also do a survey, but I find that I rarely qualify for them, so I typically don't bother. Although once I did get 50 SB for doing a survey, but it doesn't pay out often enough for me to want to try it often.

This used to be worth only 1SB, but for some reason it recently became two! This is very exciting to me. Anyway, this one, abbreviated, stands for No Obligation Special Offers, and it's very simple to earn those 2 SB. Click through the offers, always selecting next, or skip until you get to the end, where your Swagbucks are waiting! Simple, right?

Search ??? SB
Doing a search through Swagbucks is the last thing I typically do. I honestly don't really like the search tool, I prefer Google, but this is an easy way to earn SB. I usually do a few random searches and come up with 7-10 SB. (The other day I got 22 though!)

There are other things you can do on the site, and if you have the patience you can watch videos and do special offers, but usually this is all I do. Obviously if you do more things then you will earn more SB, but I spend very little time on the site and find it to work quiet well.

So, have you tried Swagbucks? What do you think?

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