Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby bucket list...updated

Back in October I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish before we decide to have a baby. I posted this previously, but I thought an update was in order. We have made progress toward a few of these goals and I am happy to see them being met, not just because it means a baby is in our future, also because they are general goals we want to do anyway.
So here is my updated list. I crossed out the completed goals and italicized the goals that are in progress.

Vacation in Hawaii Done February 2012!
Go on another cruise
Go to Disney World or Land
Visit Vancouver together

Get a job for Megg
Buy a house (this has been on my baby bucket list since before we bought the house!)
Build up our rainy day fund so it has 3 month's salary in it...and keep a set amount of money in there
Get out of credit card debt (This is always a work in progress)
Start saving for a replacement car (both of ours are 8 years old...they won't last forever)

Personal enrichment and health:
Send Geoff back to school He started fall 2011!
Get into shape and lose at least 50 lbs.
Have a vegetable garden Had one summer 2011, and will again summer 2012

Fun stuff:
Finish my wedding scrapbook (I'm at least halfway through!)

I think we are making good progress! I did remove the get a dog goal. Upon further consideration I think this isn't something we want to do right away. We already have two wonderful kitties who are not a lot of work, and a dog is both work and money. I'm not sure I'm ready to put our resources into one at the moment!
What do you think about our progress?

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