Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

So, I found What I'm Loving Wednesday, and instead of doing my own, made up grateful Wednesday I decided to jump on the bandwagon!
So this Wednesday...

I'm loving that my best friend Kristin is coming to visit TOMORROW!! We haven't seen each other since last summer, and were way overdue for a visit!

I'm loving that we're going to be going away to Port Townsend for a few days! I love getting away, and it means time off work, which is even better! (Though I will miss my awesome husband!)

I'm loving the spring weather! It hasn't broken 60 degrees yet, but it's getting close! It was 56 yesterday, and for this New England native that's warm to me! It allowed me to go out and work in the yard which is always nice.

What are you loving this week??

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