Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu plan Monday and what I learned this week!

This week's menu planning is brought to you by a combination of my crock pot cookbook and Cooking for Two, which I love! Leftovers aren't going to be an issue this week even with two-serving meals because we're already a little behind on eating the food we have leftover.
Anyway, onto the menu!

Sunday: Cheesy chicken and macaroni (this was very disappointing. If I do it again, I'll have to edit the recipe a bit.)
Monday: Breakfast for dinner OR Progresso soup and sandwiches (depending on my/Geoff's mood!)
Tuesday: Pasta with shrimp
Wednesday: Beer can chicken, homemade rolls, apples. (We're having a guest this night so I planned the larger meal accordingly)
Thursday: Skillet macaroni and cheese (Weight Watchers and delicious), cucumber
Friday: Pasta, leftover chicken and zucchini.
Saturday: Some kind of fish from Pike Place Market.

Menu plan Monday brought to you by Organizing Junkie!

This week I learned the difference between a pizza stone and a regular pan.

The cheese pizza was baked on my brand new pizza stone, and the feta and hamburger pizza was baked on a regular (old) pan. Though they were both good (I got a lot of compliments on them from Geoff and Matt!), I think the cheese pizza came out much better.
What I learned: The recipe I was using is too big! For just two of us I need to cut it in half and only make one pizza. The recipe obviously produced enough dough to make two pizzas. This way we won't have as much left over and I won't have to worry about sharing the pizza stone!

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