Sunday, January 17, 2010

Menu planning

When I was living alone, it was very difficult to menu plan. Often I ended up cooking several dishes on Sunday, freezing them, and grabbing them as needed throughout the week. But I slowly got too busy for that, and bored of the meals I did plan, so I just stopped. Now that I'm living with one other person, suddenly a meal with 4-6 servings isn't nearly as much leftovers! So last night I planned our dinner, from Sunday through Friday.
Here is what I have planned. This week is crock pot week, and I'm rediscovering the crock pot that I got bored of almost a year ago!

Sunday: Breakfast for dinner, bran muffins from scratch
Monday: Easy potato soup, salad
Tuesday: Bacon-feta stuffed chicken, green beans
Wednesday: Homemade pizza with feta, onion and crumbled leftover meatloaf
Thursday: Slow cooked pork chops, apples and caramel dip
Friday: Cheesy chicken and macaroni

The other thing I'm trying to do, is live more frugally. Since I don't have a job yet, but Geoff does, we'd do best not to spend a lot every week on groceries etc. Plus, I'm trying very hard to eliminate my food waste. As a result, all these recipes (except the pizza) come from my Fix it and Forget it 5 ingredient Favorites cookbook, and our grocery list for this week is very small, and, I'm hoping, should be relatively inexpensive. Every day we'll also have leftovers for lunch, and I'm even using a lot of ingredients that are already in the house, like onions and the leftover meatloaf (there really isn't enough left for even one serving, but it'll be perfect on pizza!)

I'll post pictures of dinner as I remember.

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