Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stuffed chicken

Last night Geoff went out, so it was just a friend and I (who has been visiting for the past week-ish) for dinner. I prepared the chicken stuffed with bacon and feta, set the crock pot on high and left. Two hours later I went to check on it and discovered, much to my annoyance, that I had never plugged the crock pot in!! Since it was still early (about 5 p.m.) I turned it on high and left it for 2 more hours. The recipe said to cook it for 1 1/2 to 3 hours, so after I checked on it at 7 and the chicken was still not done! Frustrated, Matt and I went to Fat Burger for their Tuesday night special.
I put the chicken in the fridge, and pulled it out at about 3 and put it on low. We ate at about 7 tonight and though both Geoff and Matt seemed to really enjoy the chicken, I wasn't thrilled with it. It was a little dry and maybe I was still a little annoyed at it from the other night! So it may be a while before I cook this (easy) recipe again.
So, I've shifted everything on my menu plan and we will have pizza tomorrow night instead of tonight.

This weekend Geoff and I are going furniture shopping. We're having a disagreement on when to buy furniture. I would like to get it as soon as possible since the couch Geoff has now is really not that comfortable and it's only a love seat, and since that and our beanbag are the only things to sit on in the living room, it doesn't really lend itself to entertaining. (Not that we're planning on doing that any time soon either). Geoff, on the other hand, would like to pay cash for it. Which I am also in favor of, but I don't have the patience to wait until the end of the year. I think our compromise will be that we will get furniture now, but try to get a credit card with no interest for a year, and then pay it off before the interest accumulates. There! Almost like cash, right? So, that's the next big step. And, hopefully we will get a good tax return that will help with that!

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