Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend activities

I haven't been feeling well all week, and finally went to the doctor yesterday, only to discover I had a sinus infection! Apparently they are common when you first move out to the Seattle area because of the climate. However, now that I have some antibiotics in my system and a husband at home, I am ready to get out of the house! Even when I get out at least once every day, I still find myself running into a little cabin fever. Unfortunately Geoff, who spends most of his days outside the house working, doesn't feel the same way.
This morning, while he went to a men's breakfast, I lay around in bed then got dressed and ready to go. After rolling $48 worth of change (yay for almost $50 more towards our couch!) I am ready to get out of here! Unfortunately I don't know the area well enough to know what exactly to do.
Since we're between pay periods we are stretching money at the moment and I'm looking for something, well, free! There are a lot of nice walking trails around that we could take advantage of, but today it is rainy and not a good day for that. That also rules out the zoo, which isn't free, but still might be fun (it would only be $19 for the two of us.) This week Geoff did get two free movie tickets, so we could see a movie. Since I haven't been feeling well I don't feel like cooking, so dinner will most likely be out...luckily we have a gift card to Applebee's and also one to Chili's, so it will just depend on our mood. For dinner I had originally planned on going to Pike Place Market, but since we're low on cash, fresh fish isn't exactly in the budget when something in the house or free is! In the meantime, I'm still looking for something to do this afternoon while Geoff plays video games...

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