Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I don't remember when, or how the idea of geocaching came to me, but one afternoon a few months ago, I suggested that it might be a fun thing for Geoff and I to do together. In an effort to exercise more and visit some of the sites in the area, I thought it would be something we would enjoy. I even went so far as to make a profile on Geocaching.com, but Geoff didn't see all that into it.
Then, randomly, a few weeks later, he came home with Idiot's Guide to Geocaching for me! I was thrilled! We plan to get a handheld GPS, but we also have found a few in the area without needing the GPS. Who knew there were so many in our city alone!

A few Saturdays away we went out on a trail that I hadn't found yet, and did a little caching! It was fun, and there were plenty of picture opportunities.

Some of the caches required a little digging around.

These trails are just a few miles from where we live. I love it! I love living in a busy, populated town where I can go just 5 minutes and see beautiful sites like this!

Have you ever gone geocaching?

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